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NX Design

NX Quick Tips - NX9 Ribbon

NX Design

NX Quick Tips - NX9 Ribbon

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Verification Horizons

Just because FPGAs are programmable doesn't mean verification is dead

Marketing teams at FPGA vendors have been busy as the silicon nanometer geometry race escalates. Altera is “delivering the unimaginable”...


Source Code Management with Git: Basics for Product Development Managers

The source control management (SCM) system Git has gained a major foothold in the software developer community in recent years. Our consultants have been getting an increasing number of questions abo...

NX Manufacturing

Create Stock Body from Design Body

When a job shop receives the 3D model of a part to be machined, they seldom receive a 3D model of the raw stock (or stock body).  For most situations, that’s not a problem, because there are sev...


Sirona Dental Systems talks about Polarion, compliance, process transparency, and medical device development

Michael Dalpiaz of Sirona Dental Systems, a leading manufacturer of dental medical devices, talks about how Polarion's Application Lifecycle Management Solutions have helped his company manage regula...

Embedded Software

Embedded systems in cars - challenges and solutions

Complexity never, in itself, impresses me. I am impressed people’s ability to understand complex ideas and create complex machines, but...

Solid Edge

RuleStream for Solid Edge now Available

I've been a big fan of Engineer To Order software and processes for a long time. In certain industries, you've got to be on this bus, or you'll find yourself under it one day. Engineer to ...

NX Design

Industrial Machinery & Equipment Design and Engineering Webinar - Feb 13, 2014

How do you ensure profitable growth in a globally competitive environment? How do you improve operational performance and reliability while meeting escalating requirements for greater productivity?...