Webinar – Strengthen advanced quality planning

By Valentina Lupo

Customers need to face the challenges of the digital era by enhancing product development processes with a holistic quality approach that supports faster time to market while complying with norms and regulations. Advanced quality planning with structured quality project management, supports the complete product development process across all areas of the company.

In this webinar, Katrin Triebel, Senior Business Development expert for Siemens Digital Industries Software, will provide an overview about quality core business processes. Katrin will explain how to support Quality planning by following a stepwise approach.

Join our webinar and discover how deliver projects on time and in the right quality. We will explore:

  • Why your company must consider quality management as a key driver
  • How to improve collaboration and reduced coordination effort through aligned workflows for quality and engineering teams.
  • Steps to improve reaction time and schedule management to monitor all quality processes, product development, and planning

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