Transforming Manufacturing with Digitalization: The Scanfil Dream Factory Program

By Claudia Basso

Scanfil, a global manufacturing partner and systems supplier for the electronics industry, is revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape through its digitalization journey. With a focus on agile manufacturing and electronics manufacturing services, Scanfil has partnered with Siemens Digital Industries Software to leverage the latest technology and enhance its capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore how Scanfil’s Dream Factory program is paving the way for connected, transparent, and optimized end-to-end supply chain and operations.

Supplying an array of services
Scanfil offers a wide range of services to its customers, including product design, manufacturing, material procurement, and logistics solutions. With expertise in advanced consumer applications, automation, connectivity, energy, medical technology, and the automotive industry, Scanfil caters to diverse industries with varying demands.

Scanfil’s innovation strategy
To stay ahead of the competition, Scanfil believes in utilizing the latest technology to develop new capabilities. With Siemens’ Opcenter™ software and Valor™ software, Scanfil aims to improve resource utilization, enhance customer value, and accelerate time-to-market. The company’s global “Smart Operations” program, launched in 2019, introduced automation technologies such as collaborative robots and automated guided vehicles into its operations, meeting current and future demands.

Managing the challenges of high-mix, low-volume production
Scanfil’s facility in Suzhou, China faces unique challenges due to high-mix, low-volume orders and frequent production line changeovers. Additionally, the facility serves heavily regulated industries that require a high level of traceability and routing control. To address these challenges, Scanfil embarked on the Scanfil Dream Factory program in 2022, focusing on collecting and analyzing real-time data to develop smart operations and build a robust infrastructure.

Digital innovation
Scanfil recognized the importance of a holistic end-to-end manufacturing execution system (MES) for its digitalization program. Siemens’ Opcenter and Valor solutions proved to be the perfect fit, enabling Scanfil to connect its physical assets and achieve best-in-class electronics manufacturing. The integration of Siemens’ software throughout the SMT production at the Suzhou plant, along with shop floor IoT solutions, provided enhanced control, traceability, and data collection.

Planning for the future
As part of the Scanfil Dream Factory program, the company has already started leveraging real-time KPIs, visual dashboards, and predictive analytics to improve productivity and control processes. Scanfil plans to implement prescriptive analytics, advanced planning scheduling, electronic device history records, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to further enhance its operations. By automating planning processes and implementing intra plant logistics solutions, Scanfil aims to increase flexibility, resource utilization, and productivity.

Scanfil’s Dream Factory program, in collaboration with Siemens, is transforming the electronics manufacturing industry through digitalization. By leveraging the latest technology and embracing a connected and optimized supply chain, Scanfil is paving the way for increased efficiency, improved customer value, and a better product. With its sights set on replicating this success across its global facilities, Scanfil is poised to become a world leader in agile manufacturing and electronics manufacturing services.

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