Solution Showcase: Preactor AS Express

By Franck Malatier

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From strategic planning to detailed scheduling, APS is essential for anticipating manufacturing resource needs; orchestrating efficient use of material, people, and machines; and delivering great customer service and higher profitability. Whether you are streamlining your current operations, or building the next stage of growth, clear visibility into utilization and capacity helps you make informed decisions and get ahead of the competition.

Today, you can find out how APS can be transformational for your manufacturing enterprise with zero financial risk. Download Preactor AS Express and get started immediately, for free.

Preactor AS Express is a fully functional version of Siemens Preactor AS. Download it today, and get access to

  • An unlimited number of resources, products and operations within a schedule.

  • Additional fields for holding order and operation attributes.

  • File-based imports/exports for orders, products, resource groups and resources.


Download Preactor AS Express Today!


5 thoughts about “Solution Showcase: Preactor AS Express
  • Hi Franck,

    Many thanks by sharing that software, Do I need any template to import files to the Preactor Software  from the ERP?


    Roberto Campos

  • Dear Roberto,

    Thank you for your comment.

    With Preactor AS Express you can use the Import/Export wizard to pull Resource, Product & Order information from ERP, but for Materials, Secondary Constraints etc, then a full version of Preactor would be required.

    Please feel free to come back to us for any further information.


  • Hi Franck,


    I would like to download the Preactor Express, but I am not receiving the mail with instructions for download. Thank you.

  • Dear Fabio,

    Thanks for reaching out.
    Process is done manually, I will check right now if my colleague did send you the details.
    Could you please let me know your email address, it will be easier to check.
    Thank you

    Best Regards

    Franck Malatier

    Siemens Digital Industries Software

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