Smart Manufacturing for Semiconductor

By Frank Schaldach

Solving pressing production issues through smart technologies

In a new white paper, Julie Fraser from Iyno Advisors explores the topic of Smart Manufacturing in the Semiconductor Industry. Smart manufacturing is the element of Industry 4.0 that uses digital means to ensure continuous improvement. It is a key digital enterprise thread for consistent, high yield processes.

In the paper, Julie points out that Semiconductor is one of the most advanced manufacturing industries in the world today, but most companies within this cutting-edge industry have not yet adopted smart manufacturing processes. With increased pressure and competition, the time has come. New technologies and approaches present great opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers to achieve high levels of innovation, yield and improvement. This white paper explores some of these cutting-edge technologies and how they can be applied effectively in the semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor manufacturing organizations need to build smart manufacturing into their strategic plan. The vision for smart manufacturing must spring from a clear view of how it can accelerate business success.

You can download the paper and read more about how Smart Manufacturing is transforming the semiconductor industry here.

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