SIMATIC IT UA Process Industries, v1.2

By Alessandro Cereseto

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Process Industries is Siemens’ manufacturing execution system (MES) for personal and home care, food and beverage, and chemical specialties industries. Version 1.2 is based on four pillars: process management, integrated quality, performance-driven manufacturing and new product development and introduction (NPDI).


Adopting SIMATIC IT UA Process Industries offers a host of benefits for your manufacturing enterprise:


  • Provides visibility into and synchronization with all manufacturing operations

  • Facilitates native orchestration of heterogeneous activities

  • Delivers full traceability of operations and materials

  • Integrates manufacturing and quality

  • Supports SIMATIC BATCH (multiple versions)

  • Offers a scalable, modular and extensible solution.



Find out more about SIMATIC IT UA Process Industries, and how it can transform your manufacturing operations

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