SIMATIC IT R&D Suite 7.4 is now available

By Franck Malatier

Version 7.4 is now available. SIMATIC IT R&D Suite represents a major technological evolution, providing lightweight client applications to the user, employing web technology and HTML5.

R&D Suite 7.4 is primarily focused on product specification management and product formulation capabilities, and is a successor to the SIMATIC IT Unilab, SIMATIC IT Interspec, and SIMATIC IT Formula Workbench solutions.

R&D Suite 7.4 provides advanced label management capabilities, enabling process industries to develop, configure and manage all product specifications (raw materials, intermediate and finished products, packaging materials and others), storing them across the corporation in a single, controlled data repository. Label information can be “translated” to different regions of customer-specific labels.

R&D Suite 7.4 also supports the competence management requirements of ISO 17025, enabling the user to configure required competences and training, and to schedule trainings and evaluate training execution.

New capabilities in R&D Suite 7.4 include:

  • Specification management

    • Label management

      • Rolled up component declaration

      • Reconstitution factor

      • Component grouping

    • Frame refresh

    • Enhanced BOM explosion

  • Formula Workbench

    • Compare formulation

    • Make up item

    • Price calculation

    • Performance optimization

    • Save formulation to specification

  • LIMS

    • Competence management

    • Assign Full Test Plan

    • XML/JSON export

  • Technology

    • Support of SQL Server 2017

  • Improved usability

    • Improvements to application usability and performance for more speed and efficiency

    • Define life cycle enables users to graphically configure object workflows

    • UX harmonization in Siemens Colors, Branding and Typography

See What’s New in SIMATIC IT R&D SUITE 7.4.

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