Revolutionizing Automotive Cooling Systems with ESTRA and Opcenter MES

By Claudia Basso

In the world of automotive manufacturing, high-quality components and efficient production processes are essential. When it comes to vehicle cooling systems, ESTRA Automotive Systems (ESTRA) has emerged as a trusted partner for leading automotive companies. With a rich history dating back to 1998, ESTRA specializes in designing, validating, and producing vehicle thermal components and systems. To ensure top-notch quality and streamline production, ESTRA turned to the power of Opcenter™, a manufacturing execution system (MES) integrated with the Siemens Xcelerator business platform.

Ensuring Precision and Quality
By implementing Opcenter, ESTRA has witnessed remarkable improvements in their production operations. Leveraging a comprehensive set of standard and company-specific functionalities offered by Opcenter Execution Discrete, ESTRA workers are now able to handle production orders more efficiently, maintain high-quality standards, and minimize errors. With real-time data collection and analysis, they can identify and rectify any shortcomings, ensuring the highest level of product quality and performance.

Enhanced Transparency and Efficiency
ESTRA’s adoption of Opcenter has also brought about enhanced production process traceability, a crucial aspect in the automotive sector. Every component, from raw materials to the final product, can be meticulously tracked and recorded. The MES acts as the factory’s “nervous system and brain,” managing vast amounts of information digitally and reducing paperwork. With seamless integration between Opcenter Execution and SAP ERP, ESTRA has achieved a consistent flow of information between business and production systems, resulting in improved operational efficiency and streamlined data management.

Automation and Future Growth
ESTRA is committed to continuously evolving and automating its manufacturing processes. By regularly introducing new machines and production lines, the company aims to meet specific customer needs and further enhance efficiency. Additionally, ESTRA plans to integrate Teamcenter® software, part of the Siemens Xcelerator, to achieve a closed-loop manufacturing process that includes product lifecycle management (PLM), ERP and MOM

Manufacturers like ESTRA are leveraging the support of trusted partners, like Siemens and ASKOM, and available solutions in their quest for excellence and innovation. ESTRA provides a model for other companies, showing how to effectively meet rigorous industry standards and customer expectations while keeping processes safe and efficient.

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