Opcenter Execution Discrete: A powerful solution for automotive industry

By Luca Galiotto

A new video from Siemens illustrates how Opcenter Execution Discrete’s modular MES approach enables it to meet challenging Automotive industry requirements characterized by high volumes and diverse product configurations.

Opcenter Execution Discrete offers a full set of applications to effectively address main Manufacturing Execution Processes for Car OEM and Complex First Tier Suppliers. The solution natively integrates with a manufacturer’s PLM, QMS, ERP, automation, and third-party systems.

Opcenter Execution Discrete’s modular approach combines several apps which are fully configurable and easily extendible to better fit each customer’s needs. Opcenter Execution Discrete offers the following benefits for automotive manufacturers:

  • The ability to drive a feature-based manufacturing process that automatically reacts and adapts to new product variants, allowing a fast and easy system configuration.
  • A powerful Production Flow Control Engine that enables smart production routing and automatically interacts with PLCs and Automation layer systems thanks to a flexible configuration of the Automation Gateway app.
  • Fully enable and support plant logistic processes including:
    • Smart JIT/JIT: parametric messages can be generated based on production events trimming the MBOM as needed
    • Smart e-Kanban: consume materials on BOP results or on field events, offering standard messages to integrate any Warehouse System
  • Simplification of line operator tasks thanks to a powerful and configurable Operator Terminal, where all main data related to execution are shown, together with 3D Electronic Work Instruction and visual components to identify product defects
  • Configurable quality gates along the production line effectively monitor production, fix and certify opened issues, and execute parametric Inspection Plans fitting the produced product variant

Connecting Opcenter Execution with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation reduces the commissioning time of the MES and increases the quality of the implementation right at the beginning.

Manufacturers achieve shorter time to market by reducing the validation time span at the plant and within supply chain operations.

About Opcenter Execution Discrete:
Opcenter Execution Discrete provides powerful Manufacturing Execution capabilities that ensure greater process-flexibility and efficiency, complete integration of regulatory and quality requirements, synchronized production processes for optimal supply-chain management, and sustained reductions in maintenance and operation costs.

Combined with your ERP, PLM, Field and 3rd party systems, Opcenter Execution Discrete forms an integral part of your manufacturing technology strategy by providing the shop floor visibility needed to increase quality and efficiency at the plant and within supply chain operations. Opcenter Execution Discrete.

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