NEW INFOGRAPHIC: The Path to Accelerated Growth for Emerging Medical Device and Diagnostic Manufacturers

By Sergio Bellisario

Get a quick view of how digital manufacturing solutions are helping small- and medium-sized business (SMB) medical device and diagnostics (MD&D) manufacturers face the unique challenges of their industry and market. This new infographic covers the following topics.

The unique challenges MD&D presents for SMB manufacturers: The SMB manufacturer often faces resource constraints in terms of size and skills of their workforce. Coupled with the rigors of regulatory requirements and complexity of compliance, the SMB in MD&D has extraordinary challenges to overcome to accelerate their growth and create innovation efficiency as they compete against the larger industry incumbents.

The role of manufacturing operations management (MOM) in helping SMB manufacturers overcome these challenges. See the five key capabilities of MOM for MD&D SMB manufacturers, including orchestration, ERP integration, eDHR/eBR, paperless manufacturing, and complete performance visibility.

What SMB manufacturers need in their digital manufacturing enterprise. Understand the software, services, and infrastructure needed for success on the digital transformation journey.

The optimal stepwise approach to digital transformation with Siemens. See how Siemens partners with MD&D SMB manufacturers to streamline their path to digital manufacturing – making it faster and more cost efficient to get to production excellence.

View the infographic to see the answers to these questions and understand your path to accelerated growth.


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