Modern digital manufacturing meets the supply chain

The world has changed. Manufacturing has changed. The pandemic has fundamentally disrupted the global economics of distribution and supply chains. Manufacturers are suffering from this broken supply chain today, be it computer chips, automobiles, exercise equipment, or breakfast cereals, and they are all awaiting a resurgence. This disruption has increased the need for agility, adaptability, and positive transformation.

A digital twin allows you to clarify the cause and effect of events in the supply chain with a level of precision that was previously unknown. This is because a digital twin is a detailed virtual copy of the real network and the processes used there. It connects the operational level with the strategic decision level. In other words: Each turn of a screw in the operational system can be “performed” ahead of time and its effect on the overall process can be evaluated on the basis of real data. It’s the ideal simulation and consulting tool of the digital world. Users are able to make tactical and operational decisions with a degree of transparency and quality of resolution that’s somewhat like looking into a crystal ball.

In this recorded session, you can learn how Siemens is augmenting its manufacturing solutions with supply chain and logistics and show how it is making a difference for manufacturers. The session also highlights Siemens Digital Logistics, a cloud-native, SaaS platform for supply chain collaboration as well as planning and simulation. As part of the Xcelerator portfolio, this solution uniquely helps customers optimize their supply chain considering also the environmental and human impact of their products’ journey, ultimately contributing to their sustainability goals.

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Siemens Digital Logistics specializes in the digital transformation of logistical processes. We are a leading IT provider in global supply chain management with a portfolio of end-to-end software and consulting solutions. Strategic consulting and analysis, cloud-based solutions, software: Siemens Digital Logistics offers all the tools needed to digitally integrate and optimize complex logistics networks.

We serve businesses in the industrial, commercial, and logistics sectors. Our team of 300 experts combines the best of both worlds: the technological savvy to digitally transform processes and the consulting experience to offer personalized strategies to customers from over 20 different industries. We have 50 years of combined experience in these fields. The foundation for the SCM solutions offered by Siemens Digital Logistics is our state-of-the-art cloud-based IT ecosystem. This includes the AX4 logistics platform with more than 400,000 users worldwide and the Supply Chain Suite (SCS) for data-driven analysis, simulation, and optimization.

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