R&D lab technician using smart software applications to digitalize R&D test and verification data

Smart Digital R&D labs to boost innovation for automotive and discrete manufacturers

Current and next gen products depend heavily on chemistry and advanced materials research and laboratory activities across the supply chain. Smart Digital R&D labs are critical to enforce data sharing across the value chain and enable continuous improvements to boost innovations….

AVAILABLE NOW! Opcenter Execution Discrete 4.0

A new version of our MES for Discrete Industries is available: Opcenter Execution Discrete 4.0.

Opcenter Execution Discrete is designed to satisfy the most common needs of industries in which specific macro areas are dedicated to executing sequential discrete manufacturing functions in order to produce the desired product….

automobile assembly worker reviewing supplier quality management data on a tablet

Live Webinar – Enhance collaboration with comprehensive monitoring of supplier performance

Live webinar. In the current complex environment, automotive tier-suppliers are expected to ensure business continuity and deliver products requisite quality. Learn how a complete quality system supports the supplier quality management process and enables companies to monitor their performance…

Live Webinar – Realizing the benefits of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) process

In the domain of global automotive suppliers, manufacturing defects can have costly and serious ramifications:…

Video – A Digital Offering for Assembly Manufacturing

Assembly manufacturers are looking for tools to efficiently author, simulate, manage and share information throughout their organization. …

AVAILABLE NOW! Opcenter Execution Discrete 3.2

A new version of our MES for Discrete Industries is available: Opcenter Execution Discrete 3.2…

Achieving a complete risk analysis: How Opcenter Quality supports the FMEA process

In the automotive world, manufacturing defects can have costly and serious ramifications: increased warranty costs,…

Why automotive tier suppliers need a closed-loop Quality Management System

Automotive Suppliers face a number of key challenges to meeting the increasing quality demands of their customers — demands that may exceed the capabilities of existing quality systems….

Meeting Regulatory Quality Requirements in the Automotive Industry

How many mistakes do we make? Do we really solve the problems? Sometimes typical solutions to a problem are based on quick actions to contain the problem itself. But only if we deeply analyze root ca……