How enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) can help MD&D companies: On-demand webinar

By Sergio Bellisario

For MD&D manufacturers, an exponential growth in manufacturing data provides both a great challenge and an incredible business opportunity. As it navigates increasing complexity in products, globalization of supply chains, rapid changes in regulatory landscapes, and the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), the medtech industry is experiencing a dramatic increase in the use of digital sources of various types, input rates, communication channels and accuracy. Manufacturing execution systems (MES) manage and employ this data to help error-proof processes, go paperless and capture eDHRs. Beyond the immediate benefits that MES provides, continuing the journey toward operational excellence demands a deeper dive into the gigabytes of data generated on the shop floor.

Data analytics help manufacturers to identify factors that affect production costs and quality, but most medical device manufacturers do not currently have analysis capabilities even for the data they already generate. Leveraging real-time and big-data analysis will only get more difficult, yet it will be a critical competitive differentiator. The manufacturers that do it well will improve their decision-making processes and their position in the market.

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) is the software solution that generates the manufacturing insights and competitive advantages made possible by data analytics. EMI pulls true intelligence from manufacturing operations and reveals root-cause drivers of operational performance and product quality. EMI dramatically compresses “time to insight,” helping manufacturers to fast-track their advances toward operational excellence.

View the on-demand webinar to understand the impact manufacturing data is having on MD&D manufacturers and to learn more about Siemens’ proven approach to EMI, including:

  • The shift from managing documents to using metrics
  • Standardization of data for analysis
  • Sustainable, transferable enterprise intelligence
  • Creation of digital models that leverage real-world performance

View the webinar today!

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