Streamline semiconductor quality with a closed-loop digital transformation

By Valentina Lupo

A closed-loop digital transformation is crucial to streamline the overall quality of semiconductor devices.

In the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, meeting customer expectations for higher quality has become a significant challenge. Legacy processes make this effort difficult. However, by implementing a digital transformation that includes a closed-loop quality strategy, it is possible to streamline development, boost productivity, and maintain quality standards.

Understanding the challenges of the semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry is undergoing rapid global evolution, characterized by shifting market demands, increased competition, and limited resources. These factors have highlighted weaknesses and gaps in semiconductor manufacturing processes. In this volatile market, continuous improvement of fundamental processes is the only viable option. Without a comprehensive digital transformation, attaining desired levels of quality may necessitate multiple iterations, longer production cycles, higher costs, and an elevated risk of faults.

The value of harmonizing quality across the product lifecycle

Quality management systems play a crucial role in addressing nonconformities, managing complaints, leading root-cause investigations, and minimizing risks. To master the complexities of the semiconductor market effectively, a comprehensive digital transformation strategy is essential, which includes a strategic closed-loop quality approach.

A closed-loop quality management system helps meet industry standards and regulatory compliance by maintaining high-quality output and driving operational efficiency. By exclusively adopting a closed-loop quality approach, you can:

  • Streamline your value chain to deliver increasingly complex products.
  • Combine semiconductor quality management throughout the entire product lifecycle, from idea conception to final product delivery.
  • Facilitate information exchange between teams, improving New Product Introductions (NPIs), reducing costs, and fostering innovation for a competitive edge.

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