AVAILABLE NOW! Siemens Opcenter Quality 11

We are excited to announce the availability of Siemens Opcenter Quality 11! As a result of a manufacturing operations management rebranding activity, the quality management solution formerly known as QMS Professional is now rebranded as Siemens Opcenter Quality.

Siemens Opcenter Quality is a multilingual, cross-industry computer-aided quality (CAQ) solution that complies with international quality standards, including the German Institute for Standardization/International Organization for Standardization (DIN/ISO) 9000, Information Technology Assurance Framework (IATF) 16949:2016, Q 101 and German Automobile Industry Association (VDA) 6.1. Siemens Opcenter Quality is a process-oriented, modular system that supports the closed-loop quality product lifecycle, managing complexities for planning, control and monitoring of processes and corporate quality.

Siemens Opcenter Quality 11 brings you the following benefits:

  • Support for aerospace and defense standard AS13004,
  • Offline audit (Smart Client – SC): auditor can change reports onsite at the supplier,
  • Statistical process control (SPC) web: corresponding concern and complaint management (CCM) actions can be accessed from the SPC dashboard,
  • The defect image including defect spots simplifies cause analysis in CCM web,
  • Easy-to-use information provided in inspection plan via attachments,
  • General: users can login via Univention Management Console (UMC) based on single sign-on (SSO).

Already using Siemens Opcenter Quality? See what’s new in v11.

Want to learn more? Siemens Opcenter Quality is a quality management system (QMS) that enables organizations to safeguard compliance, optimize quality, reduce defect and rework costs and achieve operational excellence by increasing process stability. The integrated process capabilities (control charts, statistics, quality gates) can detect production errors to avoid further processing and shipment of nonconforming material.. Find out more about Siemens Opcenter Quality.

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