AVAILABLE NOW! Opcenter Execution Process 4.1

By Alessandro Cereseto

A new version of our MES for Process Industries is available: Opcenter Execution Process 4.1.

Opcenter Execution Process 4.1 introduces a new native integration with Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software. The configuration manual provides step-by-step instructions to easily set up the integration between the two systems. Once they’re connected, Opcenter Execution Process will send to Opcenter APS the list of operations together with their estimated duration, and the available resources for scheduling. The planner can perform the scheduling in Opcenter APS, taking advantage of intelligent built-in rules, leveraging experience or new information to manually interact with the schedule and make any necessary changes. Once the planner is satisfied and the schedule is saved, Opcenter APS will send to Opcenter Execution Process the scheduled operations with planned start/end times and planned execution equipment.

Production coordinators and operators can visualize the list of operations sorted by planned start time and follow the schedule accordingly. Once the operation is started, its production tasks can be automatically assigned to the equipment scheduled by Opcenter APS.

Opcenter Execution Process 4.1 brings you the following benefits:

  • Provides visibility and synchronization of all manufacturing operations
  • Facilitates native orchestration of heterogeneous activities
  • Delivers full traceability of operations and materials
  • Enables the scheduling of operations and resources through the integration with Opcenter APS
  • Facilitates sampling and quality control integrated with Opcenter RD&L
  • Supports multiple versions of SIMATIC BATCH software
  • Provides manufacturing data to Opcenter Intelligence for data analytics and reporting
  • Supports integration with enterprise systems via Opcenter Connect MOM

This is possible thanks to features such as:

  • Scheduling and dispatching enhancements
  • Recipe management enhancements
  • Traceability enhancements
  • Quality execution enhancements
  • Batch integration enhancements
  • New production declaration
  • New product overview documentation

Already using Opcenter Execution Process? See what’s new in version 4.1.

Want to learn more? Using Opcenter Execution Process as a MOM platform enables seamless integration with scheduling, quality, and manufacturing intelligence, which delivers interactive dashboards for analysis of production data. For New Product Development & Introduction, Opcenter Execution Process enables the transformation of recipes from “generic” specifications to detailed “master” instructions, ready for order scheduling and execution. Find out more about Opcenter Execution Process.

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