Theme of the Month: Machine Tool Simulation

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NX CAM - Integrated Machine Tool Simulation

NC programmers rely on accurate machine simulation to show all of the machine motion that can impact the safety of their programs. NX CAM provides G-code driven simulation, using the actual posted G- and M-codes to drive the graphics simulation. This means your simulation takes into account all of the motion introduced in the post processor and includes: go home, tool change and custom safe position moves.

With NX CAM, this simulation is available inside the programming environment, so simulation is a simple and repeatable part of developing NC tool motions. There is no need to transfer data to a separate system in order to see simulation results.

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Short introductory video about machine tool simulation.

  • There is a difference between simulating the internal tool path for visualization and simulating the actual posted G-codes for full validation of the program.

  • NX CAM provides tools necessary to develop the machine tool models for simulation – including pivots, offsets and travel limits.

  • By integrating these simulation functions in the NX CAM application, the benefits of G-code driven simulation can be enjoyed more often, without data duplication or translation steps.

Join us for this month’s Tech Tip Webinars

This month’s webinars will highlight the NC simulation capabilities of NX CAM. We will also offer some pointers for developing custom simulation for your machines. Join us for both upcoming webinar sessions:

August 13 – Learn how to build your own machine tool models for NC simulation

Machine simulation in NX CAM uses intelligent assembly models with pivot points, motion limits and offset lengths defined.  Learn how to modify the sample machine models that come with NX or build your own from scratch using the machine tool builder capability in NX CAM. This session will cover the following topics.

1. Assemble the components

2. Define pivot points and other machine characteristics

3. Simulate your NC program on your custom machine model.

August 27 – Instructions and training resources to customize NX CAM’s machine tool simulation

Accurate G-code driven simulation of machine tool motion is a key capability for producing safe and efficient CNC programs. Learn the basics of G-code driven simulation and see where to find additional resources to take your simulations to the next level.

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Webinars are live events that include time for live questions and answers at the end. Each webinar is recorded and posted to the NX Manufacturing Forum. Every registered webinar attendee can access this discussion forum and continue the communication with other users and with NX CAM specialists.

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