Siemens PLM Software shines at DMG Mori Innovation Days

By Stephanie Aldrete


Check out this great Q&A interview with Michael Grant, Applied CAx’s CAD/CAM expert, about industry trends he noticed at DMG Mori Innovation Days 2015, the annual machine tooling event that shows off DMG Mori’s newest technologies. Applied CAx is a software partner of Siemens PLM Software.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

When asked about industry trends, Michael said, “Siemens NX’s exclusive CAD-CAM system that can program for additive manufacturing in a joint venture with DMG Mori. The quality lands somewhere between casting and forging quality, depending on material. It can blend and ramp material to provide inexpensive core material while allowing for layers on the outside for corrosion or heat resistance. The advantage of blending and ramping materials is a reduction in part stress and cost.”  During a presentation at the Siemens PLM Connection 2015 conference, representatives from Siemens and DMG Mori introduced the joint development of the first production ready, industrial hybrid manufacturing solution on the market. What is the solution? Simply put, it is additive and CNC machining in one system. For more information see Siemens NX Hybrid Additive Manufacturing page.

Michael also said that what caught his eye was, “Siemens NX continues to have seamless integration with Siemens 840D controls. Out of the box posts- or standard-post from Siemens NX for 840D controls allows for use of all advanced control functions and full virtual machine G-code simulation, which prevents real machine crashes. The result of that is they get a better return for investment on their machine, getting full use of their machines capabilities.”

For the complete article read, “CAD/CAM expert visits DMG Mori Innovation Days 2015.” The article also provides links to three short videos that feature cool products from DMG Mori Innovation Days.

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