New Tech Tips describe NX CAM 9 updates in Turning and Holemaking

NX CAM 9 Turning and Holemaking

Two new Tech Tips have been posted to the Tech Tip knowledge base. Both of these are distilled from Tom Van’t Erve’s webinar session last week. Tom presented the updates for both Turning and Holemaking and these two topics are now provided as separate Tech Tip recordings.

The NX CAM 9 Turning update demonstrates new programming efficiencies for probing and part-off operations. These new operation types make substantial workflow improvements for these programming processes.

The NX CAM 9 Holemaking update shows how quickly and confidently large numbers of holes can be selected, programmed, and sequenced – even in the absence of any advanced feature based machining. The integration of the feature navigator as the primary driver for geometry selection makes it easy to filter, group, and account for all your holes without missing any. And the integration of the solids-based 2D in-process material displays makes sure that the holemaking sequences are removing material safely and efficiently, no matter whether you drill first or counter-bore first (for example).

Check out the replays:

NX CAM 9 – Turning:

NX CAM 9 Holemaking:

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