New NX CAM 9.0.2 Self-Demos available


NX CAM 9.0.2 self-demo describing smoothing corners in Flowcut Reference Tool operations

Bill Storrs has been posting brief demos of new functionality starting with NX 9.0.0. We have been calling these “self-demos” because they are short and sweet and users can walk through them on their own to practice using the new functions. A part file is included and a demo document walks you through the steps in just a couple of minutes. Trying it for yourself is so much better than looking at powerpoint or even watching a demo!

Bill’s third collection of helpful self-demos have been posted in the Tech Tip Knowledge Base. Take a look at all of the self-demos for NX 9:

NX CAM 9.0.0 updates, including Self-Demos

NX CAM 9.0.1 Self-Demos

NX CAM 9.0.2 Self-Demos

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