Introducing Complex Parts Machining Self-Demos for NX CAM 9

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Introducing three new self-demos designed to quickly bring you up to speed on what’s new for Complex Parts Machining in NX CAM 9. These enhancements include improved tool tilt control for both fixed and variable axis operations, a new operation type that allows you to easily finish concave and convex cylindrical faces, and the ability to use additional tool types for Multi blade milling.

These self-demos include part files and step-by-step instructions that provide hands-on practice for each enhancement. Each enhancement is presented within the context of the appropriate application and workflow. The self-demos are brief and to the point, designed to get you up to speed in NX 9 as quickly and easily as possible. Over time, more self-demos will be added (25 in total), so be sure to check the What’s new in NX 9 link regularly.

Each of the new Prismatic Parts Machining self-demos is described below. Use the following links to access the step-by-step instructions and part files.

NX CAM - Complex Parts Machining.png

Complex Parts Machining

Blog: Overview of the new complex parts machining capabilities in NX CAM 9

  Hands-on demos:
NX CAM - Tilt Tool Axis - 65.gif

Precisely control tool tilt to avoid collisions

How to use the enhanced Tool Tilt controls on fixed and variable axis operations

NX CAM - Cylindrical Floor Finishing - 65.gif

Easily finish cylindrical faces

How to use the new 4-axis rotary milling operation

NX CAM - Turbomachinery Milling - 65.gif

Use more tool types for Multi Blade (Turbomachinery) Milling

How to use ball, spherical, flat, and bullnose tools for multi blade milling

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