Hybrid Additive Manufacturing with NX CAM Overview

Did you know that you can drive next generation hybrid machine tools with NX CAM? View this approximately two minute video, “Hybrid Additive Manufacturing with NX CAM Overview,” to glimpse the highlights of what our solution can do for you.

With NX CAM manufacturers can:

  • Easily create additive operations
  • Validate laser metal deposition
  • Accurately simulate multi-axis laser operations
  • Switch between 3D printing and machining
  • Define advanced CNC machining operations
  • Finish the part with five axis milling
  • Complete parts in one setup
  • Deposit metal with five axis laser
  • Produce high quality parts in a single machine

Siemens’ NX CAM is a complete solution for hybrid additive manufacturing. The new art of manufacturing is going beyond 3D printing!

To learn more visit our NX Hybrid Additive Manufacturing web page and read the fact sheet, “NX Hybrid Additive Manufacturing.

Let us know what you think of our solution in the comments section.

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