Driving CNCs with NX CAM at Joe Gibbs Racing

By Danny Santoro

NX CAM has handled every multi-axis part Joe Gibbs has attempted. Every cylinder head is ported using this technology. The main reason why Joe Gibbs uses NX CAD/CAM is for the seamless integration between design and manufacturing. This eliminates the need to translate data between systems and is extremely important for saving time. In addition to manufacturing parts for vehicles, Joe Gibbs also designs and produces the tools used by the pit crew.

Mark Bringle, Technical Sponsorship and Marketing Director at Joe Gibbs Racing, discusses the technology partnership between Joe Gibbs Racig and Siemens PLM Software.

I’m Mark Bringle and I’m the technical sponsorship and marketing director for Joe Gibbs Racing. We’ve had a great technical partnership with Siemens PLM for about 15 years, and the reason being is we have 27 CNCs that are manufacturing some 2,000 different parts and pieces for our 11 different race teams. And right now we’re currently going through a revolution of advanced technology that the Siemens CAM has really done an outstanding job on. We’ve implemented advanced machinery, nine-axis-type mill turn machines that have really sped up the process from a design standpoint, cost-effective standpoint, and getting the part to market quicker standpoint.

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