Digital Machine Shop Series: Blog #3 – Tool design with new technologies

By Armin Gruenewald

In this blog I’ll tell you about Siemens’ Mold Design software which enables an automated process in which the application helps us to redesign the set-up for the mold.

To see the example, watch the video, “Digital Machine Shop series: NX Mold Design Software”

NX Mold Design applies Process Wizard technology to optimize the mold design process, delivering levels of productivity that dramatically outperform traditional CAD software. Providing a structured workflow based on expert best practices, automation of mold-specific design tasks and libraries of standard mold components, NX Mold Wizard provides a step-by-step process that promotes the most efficient workflow, while integrating complex elements of design technology into automated sequences.

The software is built on NX, and as a result, the tools for working with part geometry, creating parting surfaces and enabling automatic updates are among the most robust available. Less capable systems may handle basic parts and molds, but NX Mold can tackle the most demanding tasks.

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