A vision of Siemens Part Manufacturing Platform in action

By Danny Santoro

Below you will find the transcript.

In a factory somewhere.  A MindSphere Alert!  Anomaly on machine #17.  “We have a problem. Dispatch a technician to check machine #17. There is a crack in the rack. It is about to fail! This is an old machine. No spare parts. No drawings. Let’s scan the broken part and use Siemens’ Part Manufacturing Platform to replace it on demand.”

Co-innovating design:  The scanned part is uploaded to the platform and experts are challenged to adapt it for 3D printing.

Engineering experts optimize the part’s design for 3D printing.

Back at the factory optimized designs are immediately reviewed.

On-demand manufacturing:  A design is selected and its technical package is shared with multiple manufacturers that can make it.

The manufacturer that wins the order plans the details to make the part.

The part is produced.

The finished part is inspected, packaged and shipped to the factory.

The new part is installed.

Production is up and running again.

We are back in business!

Siemens Part Manufacturing Platform

The vision: A global gateway to on-demand design and manufacturing.

Part Buyers: Gain the power of additive design and manufacturing.

Manufacturers: Streamline processes and maximize value of equipment.

Expert Services: Maximize value of knowledge and accelerate industrialization of additive manufacturing.

Machine OEMs: Gain actionable insights into machine use.

Co-innovating the future: Siemens part manufacturing platform

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