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NX Automation Designer on demand online training available

Learning a new application like NX Automation Designer often comes with the question how to learn and how to make…

NX Industrial Electrical Design and NX Automation Designer

Using multidisciplinary collaboration to improve engineering quality and reduce engineering time We are excited to announce that the latest version…

NX Automation Designer

Are you still using copy & paste and search & replace workflows to create your automation code?

Automation Software Calls Software Screenshot

Automation Software Calls

In this video we present you how easy the creation of reusable automation design standards in NX Automation Designer is. We show how to design models with PLC software instances and linked tags, then store them as a smart reuse element. Then we show you the speed and value of quickly reusing those models for a new design to dynamically create PLC software code.

Screen shot showing the functional, modular design of automation systems with Automation Designer

Functional, modular design of automation systems with Automation Designer

NX Automation Designer makes this possible by improving modularization and standardization of automation equipment. It provides functional modelling of automation equipment that enables the user to create more holistic libraries of their equipment, enabling their quick reuse to speed up the design process, working in bulk and not singular software blocks, UDTs or tags. This allows for powerful, bulk changes of software code as well as hardware.

Complete electrical engineering in NX Industrial Electrical Design

The design of industrial equipment requires the design of the electrical and pneumatic systems used to bring them to life. With NX Industrial Electrical Design you have all the tools you need to get the job done.
Whether you are creating IEC, ANSI or ISO normed schematics, we offer a libary of standard, normed symbols that you can use to immediately get started with your electrical design process. Create schematics in single or multi-line formats, as you require and leverage object based engineeering, providing a single object with multiple representations. This allows for combined electrical and pneumatic design in one tool, with easy cross-referencing between representations.

SIEMENS NX Automation Designer

As the complexity of production equipment grows, machine and line builders tasked with the design of his equipment struggle with…

AVAILABLE NOW! NX Industrial Electrical Design and Automation Designer

We are excited to announce that the latest versions of NX Industrial Electrical Design and Automation Designer have been released!