Using collaborative engineering tools to digitally transform your electromechanical design process

By Julianne Bass

Smarter, connected, adaptable products are far more complex to design, engineer and manufacture. They require a collaborative engineering approach to be successful. Too often, members of a product team are hindered by tools and software, increasing risk, errors, and frustration. A seamless, data-driven digital transformation can enable and accelerate how companies create products that fundamentally change our lives.

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The digital collaboration platform that integrates siloed engineering teams

Parallel but isolated and blind is how too many teams create products today. Teams involved in modern product design such as mechanical design, electronics, software engineering, electrical, manufacturing, and more all use their own systems. This means that every change and every adjustment can have a significant impact on the work other teams are doing, stealing time and energy away from designers’ innovation and product differentiation efforts. This siloed approach is already creating unnecessary increases in costs and time to market—problems that will only increase as products continue to become more intelligent and complex. And these challenges are occurring when time to market and competitive differentiation are more critical than ever.

How to digitally transform your business – The digital roadmap

Siemens Digital Industries Software shatters the siloes between design teams enabling a true multidisciplinary design process. Teams still work in parallel but integrated with full visibility. Every member of the team has easy, continuous access to all current designs, information, and product-related data, across all other teams. By connecting the digital twin and improving intelligence throughout the process, Siemens provides real-time decision optimization.

Read “The Need for Digital Transformation” interactive eBook

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