The Reviews Are In!

NX12 has been out for a week now, and we are thrilled with the reception we have received both from our passionate users and publications alike.

 We thought we’d share a few favorites of ours.

This creation is from user MagnusS who wowed us with his “Scout Crab.” This was a scanned model taken from threedscans, and edited using NX convergent modeling and the polygon modeling toolset! Here’s his page with his work on Scout Crab.

Scout Crab.jpg

This one from user Scaffold from last week’s Top 12 features in NX12

Testomonial 2.PNG

This from our NX12 Launch Video which displays many of our new and exciting features available.


As far as publications go:  

 Verdi Ogewell of released a wonderful article about NX 12 stating “When Siemens launched the twelfth version of NX, their flagship product for CAD/CAM/CAE, it was easy to see the influence of the industry’s megatrends.”

This quote comes from Jonas Brochman, who is an engineering method specialist of Manufacturing Engineering, at GKN Aerospace Engine Systems Sweden.

 “The fact that the faceted geometry now comes in as a convergent body and behaves pretty much as a sheet or solid body is very beneficial. It will make our workflow much more efficient and save time that we can spend on other things, such as more projects. The ability to associatively compensate and reposition the faceted scan data of hardware in an associative and controlled way will greatly help us to increase efficiency and resulting quality.”

Develop3D’s review of NX12 had us pleased with a very detailed review (part one of two) going through our new features available. These including Convergent modeling with working meshes, Topology optimization, Lattice design, and design checkers for additive. This is certainly worth the read!

CIMdata states that the “Strategic directions of NX taken by Siemens to be well in tune with product developer needs. It offers them competent solutions and competitive advantages for creating innovative products.”

Need to upgrade? Why not upgrade to the only true multidisciplinary platform available in the market today.If you have any thoughts or would like to share your view on NX12 let us know below!

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