The NX Awards Show

By William Chanatry

As many of you know, Bruno Mars won big at the Grammy’s this year. And while he has the “Finesse” to be on the big stage, we think NX deserves a night of recognition too.

Welcome to the first ever NX Awards. Consider this your formal invitation.

Our NX Awards video will be covering the most effective and powerful features NX has to offer. The very best features will be titled champions among their categories, and will set the standard for all. 

Tell us know your thoughts! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of this year’s winners.

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While we highly reccomend you take a look at the video, if you are pressed for time… Take a look at this year’s winners from each category.

Category: Most Innovative Feature

Nominees: Generative Design, Mechatronics, Convergent Modeling, & Concept Designer

Winner: Convergent Modeling 

Category: Best Design for Manufacturing Solution

Nominees: Lattice Structures, Feature2Cost, and Requirements Driven Design & Validation

Winner: Lattice Structures

Category: Best Multidisciplinary Design Tool

Nominees: P&ID Designer, Mentor Graphics Integration, and Routing

Winner: Mentor Graphics Integration

Category: Most Efficient Tool

Nominees: Mesh Editing Environment, Synchronous Technology, and Multiple Display Parts

Winner: Multiple Display Parts

Category: Rising Feature of the Year

Nominees: P&ID Designer, Animation Designer, NX & VR 

Winner: Animation Designer

And while there aren’t enough categories to recognize everything NX has to offer, we hope this brings some of the most innovative features into light. Thank you for joining in on the first ever NX Awards.

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