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What’s New in NX | Model Based Definition

NX™ software delivers advanced capabilities to support Model Based Definition (MBD) deployments by connecting engineering and production with significant innovation….

What is New in Siemens NX | Summer 2022

Siemens NX’s continuous release strategy is what we are providing, to bring you the latest and greatest every six months….

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What is new in NX 2206 blog and video series | NX CAD Continuous Release Summer 2022

NX CAD & CAM Continuous Release The Continuous Release strategy for NX from Siemens Digital Industries Software brings you the…

NX on Microsoft Azure powered by AMD: Additive Manufacturing

See here for additive manufacturing inside NX all running on the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Culture and Technology | A Shift for the MBD Journey

Paul Brown of Siemens sits down with Allan Behrens of Taxal to discuss the MBD Journey with culture and tech.

Keys to a Successful Model Based Definition Strategy

Today’s product development has changed a lot compared to the product development practices 20 years ago. For many years the traditional drafting practices focused on creating 2D drawings. These documents represented the source of truth. Today, many companies are embracing Model Based Definition (MBD) in order to be more competitive

Free e-Book: Leveraging a Model-Based Definition to Build a Digital Thread

Download our e-book here and learn how you can use model-based definition to build a digital thread to improve productivity througout your organization. 

Modern product developme…

Latest Features and Functionalities in NX: A Design Officer Managers Perspective

Matthew Hibbert is a design officer manager from the UK working for Redbull Technology. In the below video, Matthew details what will be beneficial for his organization from the latest technologies i…

Model Based Definition Explained

Dave Wingrave ( NX Product Manager for MBD ) explains to us what Model Based Definition is, as well as some exciting new technologies that have been added to the recent release of NX.