Reducing the cost of airfreight with innovative drone designs

By Julianne Bass

California based startup Natilus wanted to develop remotely controlled cargo plans, maximize cargo volume, and rapidly increase the size of their engineering team. Aleksey Matyushev, CEO and founder of Natilus believed that by “reducing the cost of airfreight by 50 percent or more this will bring fresher produce into our stores, enable cross-border e-commerce to flourish and enable low infrastructure regions to develop. To make that happen, we need a new type of vehicle and a different way of thinking.”

The Natilus vision is to occupy the space between airfreight which is very timely but also very expensive and ocean freight which is very untimely but more cost effective.

Natilus was able to realize this vision through the use of Siemens NX, Fibersim, Teamcenter, and Simcenter. Through the use of advanced- capability engineering software they were able to re-think airfreight solutions and use blended-wing body configuration.

The result of this action secured initial orders of more than $6 billion and 400 aircraft. To learn more about Natilus and their successes click here.

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