Realize Live 2021: 34 NX Product Engineering Sessions to watch

By William Chanatry

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Beginning on May 26th our Realize Live event will be another virtual experience to grow your knowledge and interact with others.

See below for our Product Engineering sessions:

4 Reasons Why NX is Your Perfect Partner in Education: Are you a student, educator or industry professional looking to expand your knowledge? If so, then this is the session for you! Learn everything that’s new in NX CAD/CAM for academic users and see how to access FREE software, resources and the certification exam for NX, all in 15 minutes! Discover what other students have to say about NX and how it helped them propel their careers. Start learning NX today with our free student edition, practice your skills with our extensive learning material, watch step-by-step YouTube videos, and get certified! Ms. Vanessa Bloss & Shannon Kruse

AI Driven NX: Learn how organizations can gain a competitive edge by leveraging AI-enabled features inside NX to quickly and efficiently process, interpret and learn from their existing proven product data and best practices. Achieving such an advantage with speed and efficiency is critical in the digital business world. The critical data-driven insight obtained by one player in the market can drive competitors out of business. Shirish More

Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Industry: The promise of additive manufacturing as an industrial manufacturing process has been growing for many years with companies able to fully realize production ready parts on the horizon.  Today, many companies are in fact leveraging this with great success.  The NX Design for Additive Manufacturing solutions have played a key part in enabling this reality.  In this session we speak with one of Siemens most recent new customers who are living this reality. Tod Parrella

Delivering NX Faster: This session on delivering NX faster is intended for customers and partners who would like to understand how the NX release cycle relates to NX deployment, configuration, and customization readiness. We will also discuss new methods, tools, and opportunities to successfully deploy NX to the production client in a continuous fashion. Shirish More

Driving Technology Forward: University of Michigan Solar Car: At the cross-roads of industry and academia, competition teams lead the way. Hear from America’s Number One Team on how Siemens’ ingenuity cross-pollinates with UM SCT’s Smart Mobility Solutions Mr. Thomas

Electrical Design and Automation Design in NX – Scalable Solution for Industrial Machinery: NX is not only a design software for mechanical engineering. NX is a platform of interconnected software modules for a variety of engineering tasks. With the modules NX Industrial Electrical Design and Automation Designer it offers integrated engineering for all tasks of the industrial machinery market: mechanical, electrical, and automation design. NX Industrial Electrical Design contains full blown E-CAD functionality including 2D electrical schematics, parts- and BOM management, electrical reports, and electrical cabinet and panel design. Automation Designer offers rule-based reuse of automation solutions and PLC-code generation. Both perfectly prepare virtual commissioning in NX Mechatronics Concept Designer. The German company Stima, a SMB machine builder, realized the productivity and quality gains of this NX-based solution to deliver more and better machines and production lines with its staff in less time. Wolfgang Schloeg

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