NX Case Study: Cospa

By JerrySarfati

Developing injection molds gets easier – and faster – with the help of 3D design software.Cospa uses NX to help automate and optimize mold workflows

Cospa Injection Mold NX


  • Implement a unified environment from design through production

  • Realize concurrent design

  • Dramatically reduce printed 2D drawings

Keys To Success:


  • Significantly reduced order lead time through concurrent design and flexible resource assignment

  • Automated the entire plastic injection mold design and construction process

  • Improved best practices, digitally generating all documentation, including bills of materials

  • Realized 50 percent faster CAM operations

  • Embedded technical knowledge and experience into the system


Client’s Primary Business:

Cospa is a Scame Group company specializing in thermoplastic material mold design and construction.

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