NX Case Study: Beiqi Foton Motor

By JerrySarfati

Using NX™ software, Foton eliminated information isolation between departments, and incorporated engineers’ design experience into the system, saving time by reducing redundant data entry. This significantly reduced training time; enabling engineers to skillfully apply the software to product design, helping the company stay ahead in introducing new products to the market.

Beiqi Foton Motor Case Study


  • Upgrade from 2D to 3D design

  • Explosive growth of product data

  • Inaccurate and inconsistent product data, and poor version management

Keys To Success:

  • Establish a complete R&D process incorporating product knowledge

  • Manage CAD data and smooth the data flow

  • Finish primary process planning, logistics planning and process layout planning


  • Reduced product development cycle by 30 percent

  • Cut rework by 20 percent

  • Realized analysis-driven design


Client’s Primary Business:

Foton Motor has produced and sold over 5 million vehicles, ranking first in the international commercial vehicle market for two consecutive years. Prominent brands include Auman, AUV, Aumark, Ollin, Tunland, MP-X, Midi, SUP, View and Forland.

Learn more about Beiqi Foton Motor’s use of NX.

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