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By Julianne Bass
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The last thing we want our NX users to have to worry about are software bugs, long load times, and capabilities that don’t work for your processes.

NX CAD EAP testing is a time where we can hear directly from you, whether we are getting it right with our software. It provides users with the opportunity to preview the software and test out their specific company workflows to review what features may provide an easier way to do things while also providing the NX product team time for close collaboration with you, the user of our software.

Register now for NX CAD EAP Testing, to share with us what you need from NX.

Top 5 Reasons to Join NX CAD EAP Testing

  1. See how new features and functionalities will enhance your current workflows.
  2. Share your concerns and feedback directly with the product managers and developers.
  3. Chat with the team and get your questions answered immediately.
  4. Test virtually, from the comfort of your own home.
  5. Become part of the NX EAP Testers community, talk and learn from other NX CAD users.

A Virtual Week for New Functionality Demos

Every NX EAP testing event kicks off with a week of virtual demos session. These session allow NX product managers to share and demo new functionality throughout the NX product to show users how new features may be used to streamline current workflows. Virtual week presentations include: NX Architecture, Open Tools, Modeling, Design & Sketch, Visualization, Virtual Reality, PMI/MDB, Mechatronic Concept Designer, Assembly, Validation, Joining, Vehicle Design Automation, ECAD/MCAD, Drafting, Layout, Electrical/Mechanical Routing, TCIN, Paint & Coatings, MBSE, Structure Design, Animation Designer, Data Translation, Shipbuilding, Mold & Progressive Die Wizards, Part Families & mass properties management, Fibersim, and Mastertrim.

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