How to Visualize the Digital Twin for Heavy Equipment Webinar

By Shannon McGinty

Are you a designer or engineer in the heavy equipment sector who’s had to adapt to working remotely during the global pandemic? Have you found challenges in sharing large 3D CAD models make virtual collaboration even more difficult? Then make sure you don’t miss out on the next Siemens NX webinar, joined by visualization and marketing experts from Siemens and NVIDIA.  

Multi-Person Collaboration

Designers know the importance of being able to experience large, heavy equipment at human scale – this is where virtual reality (VR) comes in to play. VR allows engineers and designers to save time on design decisions before committing to a more time consuming, expensive physical prototypes. Not only is this huge in saving key time, but VR also enables collaboration from anywhere in the world. This multi-person collaboration is so important, especially given the current working from home standards to allow business to continue and design reviews to thrive. 

Optimizing Operator Cabin Visibility

Not only will we look at the essential needs of remote design teams being able to collaborate; this webinar will also provide industry knowledge and insights into how to create stunning images for review with NX Render. Powered with tips in optimizing operator cabin visibility with NX Human and NX Render, ensuring operators have maximum visibility in the early stages. We don’t need to remind you how dangerous powerful and heavy equipment can be, and so it is crucial to consider the operator’s visibility from within the cabin when controlling the machine. Combining NX Human and NX Render, designers can create photo-real 360 images from an accurate human perspective based on statistical human ergonomic data. 

JCB interior

If you are a designer or engineer in the heavy equipment sector (or any really!) and are wanting to quickly and easily create impressive visuals for design reviews, whilst leveraging immersive and collaborative visualization then this is a must see! This is your opportunity to see how our in-house experts use integrated visualization across a range of workflows, all while saving time and costs. Shall we add some statistics to that statement? Why not! Integrated visualization in NX can reduce the time to create your first image by up to 30% and can further reduce the time to create your second image by up to 90% – impressive right! 

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