Formula E: Racing Toward a Cleaner Future

By Amy Reyes

Formula E Andretti Siemens 4.jpgFormula E racing probably won’t replace Formula 1 any time soon, but it paves the way to an oil free world. Think about electric cars for a moment. What comes to mind? You probably think of fuel economy or small, rounded vehicles. I know I definitely don’t think fast, sporty, or thrilling to drive.

The FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) aims to change that mindset though with Formula E, the world’s first fully electric racing series. The cars look just as you’d expect—sleek and sporty, not unlike other race cars—but they generate their own power with emission-free methods.

The goal is threefold:

  • Increase interest in/use of electric vehicles

  • Develop electric vehicle technology further

  • Promote clean energy and sustainability

One way the FIA plans to accomplish that last goal is by installing electric charging stations in the race cities. Races take place in major city centers around the world to demonstrate that urban environments, with their short driving distances, are ideal for electric vehicles.

The last race took place in Long Beach, California earlier this month. It was there Andretti Autosport, a big proponent of Formula E racing and longtime Siemens NX CAD customer, took the second place trophy—their third FIA Formula E championship of the season.

Formula E Andretti Siemens 3.JPG 

Andretti Autosport has used NX CAD to design their Indy cars since 2004. They have a series of Indy championship wins and titles since then, making them one of the strongest teams in Indy racing.

If the Andretti Formula E team continues at the pace they’re at right now, they’re sure to have a winning record to match their IndyCar counterparts.

What do you think about Formula E racing? Will it change the way you think about cars?

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