An Introduction to CMM Solo

By Addison_Moore

Running the Content Migration Manager inside Teamcenter is optimal, however, CMM can also be run on the native Windows file system. This is referred to as CMM Solo, and it is a robust offering. While it does not have the benefits of running in Teamcenter (Managed mode) including organization and streamlining advantages, CMM Solo still has the same capabilities when it comes to the migration itself. So feature support and tool performance are just as strong, and options that aren’t specific to Teamcenter are still available! CMM Solo requires a Windows operating system, a matching version of NX, a supported SourceCAD installation, and all the applicable licenses.

CMMSolo.GIFUnlike CMM Managed, where items to be migrated are selected from the Teamcenter database and the tool is run from a menu within Teamcenter, CMM Solo is executed via a command procedure and additionally requires the building of product structure from selected files. With the CMM Solo GUI open, this can be done using the “Open”and “Open Directory” options. Selecting an item with “Open” will load that item and its children into CMM, with drawings considered top-level to their associated assemblies. Alternatively, “Open Directory” will load all SourceCA
D parts, assemblies, and drawings from the selected file directory.

Be sure to check back next week on Migration Monday to learn more about migration plansFor more information, or to get started migrating to NX with the Content Migration Manager, please contact your local Siemens PLM Software representative!

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