A Next Generation Tool: Generative Design

By William Chanatry

In case you missed our discussion on Next Generation Design with Bob Haubrock last week, Bob described a few design terms that really make up Next Generation Design. Among those terms, Generative Design was a standout. 

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What is Generative Design? 

Generative design allows you to create optimized product designs from requirements and constraints, rather than creating the geometry first and then validating. Generative Design gives engineers and product designers the means to explore more options in less time in order to find the best design.

How is Generative Design a Next Generation tool? 
Generative Design is a next generation tool because you are able to choose the design that fits your needs. Modern industry demands and pressures (such as part complexity and competitive pressure) reduce the time availible for product development.  Generative design allows you to save precious time that otherwise would be wasted. 
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Additive Manufacturing & Generative Design 

Great things are in store for the additive space. Imagine setting up your design criteria first, and then having tons of optimized suggestions based on that criteria. Suggestions that optimize weight, strength, and the environment you are designing in. There is an enormous design potential with this next generation tool.

Keep an eye out in the following weeks for further discussion on our Next Generation Design tools. 

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