4 Reasons Why NX Is Your Perfect Partner In Education

By _vanessa_

Trends like the digital twin, 3D printing and sustainability have been shaping and fundamentally changing the engineering industry. As new technology and ideas become available, we can see changes in how designs are created, and teams are managed. This ever-evolving industry demands certain skills from the next generation of digital talent.

Siemens & NX prepares the talent of tomorrow by providing the same software and capabilities to students like engineering professionals use all over the world. We offer our industry leading NX software and extensive learning material, completely for free. Download our NX Student Edition and always use the latest release of NX. Our newly launched NX Curriculum will help you to navigate NX, from the basics of the user interface to creating and manipulating models through finite element analysis and design for manufacturing. The chapters include links to over 40 YouTube videos which explain the most important topics in more detail. The NX Certification lets you demonstrate core design skills in NX and showcase your certification achievement with the digital badge.

Watch our video and learn about our free NX student resources and how NX software and training will get you ready for the demands of Industry 4.0:

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