3D Printing with Facet Modeling e-Book

You’ve heard of it by now. However, many engineering organizations today are adopting 3D Printing. Although, there are issues that should be considered. This new technology requires models composed of Mesh Geometry, which approximates precise geometry with facets, as input. Unfortunately, traditional Parametric and Direct Modeling capabilities cannot manipulate such geometry. Instead, Facet Modeling functionality is required. Most traditional CAD applications only offer Parametric and Direct Modeling, forcing organizations to translate models back and forth with a second modeling tool that provides Facet Modeling. This compromise often requires significant effort to fix geometry that is broken during translation. Fortunately, a new set of CAD programs offer a combination of Parametric, Direct, and Facet Modeling in a single application, a fact that eliminates most of the aforementioned problems.

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Download this free e-Book to gain insight on these topics and others. Here, you will find further details on 3D Printing and its application in development. You will also find information on the use of two CAD applications instead of a single one. Together, this information will aid you in integrating 3D Printing into your development process.

Read the whitepaper to learn how 3D printing in the automotive industry will play a big role in helping companies achieve a competitive advantage.

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