Want Some Multi-Physics Goodness For Your Solid Edge? Check out COMSOL LiveLink!

By MarkBurhop

This model treats the free convection of argon gas within a light bulb, courtesy of COMSOL

Our Solid Edge University is keeping me hopping!We’ll have more technologies there than ever to make this a great event.The bad side is that while the event is growing every year, my productivity increase is not keeping up. I’m falling behind!It’s really taking too long for cloning or robot servant technology to mature. You can only do so much with more coffee.

Case in point, Comsol has this great new LiveLink product for Solid Edge and I missed pointing it out by a good 9 days!  That is like 3 months in social media days.

What you want to do is go visit their blog post here.  Definitely watch the video (here or in their blog post). Comsol did a great job with it.

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