Themes from this morning’s keynote

By Christian Kelley

After attending CEO of CIM data Ed Miller’s presentation I started thinking about some themes that have been gaining momentum this week:

I’ve heard from several speakers about change management, and specifically how organizations are addressing an aging workforce.  There are a lot of professionals out there with a great deal of knowledge and experience in some esoteric fields that are beginning to retire.  This is something that Teamcenter has been directly addressing in the last couple of years…and certainly in our last releases.  Click through some of the resources here to get a good idea about how Teamcenter is addressing Change Management, Collaboration and Enterprise Knowledge Management

Miller also said:

“Siemens Acquisition of UGS may have been the best thing to happen to the digital manufacturing and automation industry.”

He also expressed a wish for us to have more competitors in this space. Too late for that.  To hear Tony Affuso or Helmuth Ludwig talk about it,  we’ve got the competition running scared.

Finally, Compliance and Green both made an appearance in his presentation.  Everyone here is talking about Green.  There is an entire Green track tomorrow. A first for this event, but certainly not the last.

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