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Solid Edge University is shaping up to be the most valuable event yet for Solid Edge customers. If you talk to any of the folks around Siemens PLM, you will hear about people putting together training content to help you become a faster designer, others working on showing you some cool new functionality coming out with ST5, folks (like me!) working on bringing in some great sponsors that provide complementary technologies to your Solid Edge design activities, and some fun minded individuals thinking about contests and giveaways.

If you haven’t signed up yet or are still waiting on more information to justify the trip to your boss, the Solid Edge University web page has been updated. Check out these pages:

Firstly, I’d start with the page “Benefits of Attending”.  The ultimate goal is to make you more productive. Short term, it means training that you will get in busloads. It’s also a great chance to meet others similar to yourself and potential business partners for your company. You can network or just get involved with the Solid Edge Community. Got an idea to make Solid Edge even better for you or your company?  Why not bring it up with the Solid Edge developers that will be there (also in busloads!)

Secondly, check out the General Session Speakers. We will have Jay Rogers of Local Motors doing the keynote for this event followed by some of the most knowledgeable industry experts around.

Thirdly, visit the updated “courses” page. This event is really meant to be valuable to you and your company so the new pages give more detail on exactly what you will learn.

And, of course, those of you extending Solid Edge to automate repetitive tasks or developing whole new industry leading technologies, check out this year’s new “Developer Day”.Greg Chasteen and I are working on this as I write this and may have a few surprises as well.

Here is the link to sign up.  Looking to Matt Lombard’s post, it appears to be one of the best deals in the industry. Mention that to your boss too. They always like getting the most for their money 🙂

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