The “hunt” for solutions

By SusanCinadr

This is my first post to the Siemens PLM Blog so a brief introduction is necessary. My day job consists of helping our global team and our channel partners position and market the Velocity Series to accelerate growth. In doing this, I have taken a special interest in social media and how the various uses of technology, interaction, words, pictures, videos and audio can be leveraged by our users to better their experience with our software.

One of these mediums includes Second Life. Chris previously mentioned the simul-cast of the Velocity Launch in Second Life during his live blogging. We are working on a video that will mesh portions of the video from the Real Life (RL) event in Boston with the Second Life (SL) event. Stay tuned as we will share that video here on the blog. Think of it as a 60% RL, 40% SL highlight reel. I have posted a short 15 second clip from SL on YouTube that will show you what the residents saw from our conference room. This particular clip shows Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology and the steering wheel that Mark Burhop has been blogging about:

Mark also took a few pics of the event in SL. These are worth sharing, particularly if you are one of those people that is interested in virtual worlds but haven’t taken that leap into really understanding what it is all about. The first picture shows a great shot of all the residents in attendance at our event. The other pic has a great shot of SL resident Goulden Glas (Cory Goulden in RL) from National Steel Car during his presentation. Later he was interviewed by Chris.



This Monday, we launched a Velocity Series scavenger hunt in Second Life for one month, designed to extend the launch event for those who couldn’t be there live. We were ecstatic that National Steel Car agreed to let us use their rail cars as the Kiosks for the hunt! If you don’t participate, you have to at least see the cars!



Participants in the scavenger hunt will get many in-world prizes and the opportunity to win some real world “stuff” such as a Tefal® Deep Fryer (designed in Solid Edge) and a SpaceNavigator controller developed by our partner 3DCONNEXION. I have had the pleasure of meeting the designer from SEB, maker of Tefal, at our Solid Edge Beta Testing and I can’t wait to see what they can do with the new Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology! Special thanks to @reBang for his insight into how to make our SL event better by providing residents with the unattainable. I hope you enjoy it, your influence is definitely reflected!

WindowsLiveWriterThehuntforsolutions_156Aclip_image0017_thumb Since working on this project, I have been exposed to insights on how companies and their engineers will take advantage of this platform in the future. In fact, an engineer from a large automotive OEM who attended our Velocity Series SL event asked “Will it be possible to export CAD data in a SL environment?” He raises this question at a perfect time; next week, Chris, Mark, John Hilbert and I will be in Orlando for PLM World, blogging live from several sessions. The session on Tuesday, June 3rd at 4:30 EDT is a presentation by the University of Cincinnati who will share their research on bringing JT geometry into Second Life.  You can attend the session live in Second Life at Siemens Innovation Connection.This is one step closer in our search for solutions on how virtual worlds will empower and animate the lives of our customers and the manufacturing industry in general.

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