Sun Rises On Day 2

The sun hit my face as I walked out of my hotel to catch the shuttle to the Gaylord Palms and it was almost metaphorical since I felt like a vampire having stayed up most of the night watching the hockey game that would never end. I was in my room early to get a early start on the day and that happened as the hockey game passed midnight.

I had to get an early start as I did not want to miss the opening of the event today since Paul Bevilaqua from Lockheed Martin was going to be presenting on “How the Skunk Works Leveraged CAE to Invent the Joint Strike Fighter”. I have been told this is not a session that should be missed. Hopefully after this session I won’t suffer from jet lag.

I made the shuttle to make time for a little breakfast of champions at the facility to include diet soda, coffee and sticky buns. Day two is getting off to a great start! There are twice the number of sessions today than there were yesterday so I might need to run and get just one more of those buns and maybe an energy drink.

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