Strong start to Siemens PLM Software Analyst and Media forum

By Christian Kelley

Anton Huber, CEO of the Industry Automation division of Siemens started off the 2008 Siemens media and analyst forum after an introduction by Bill Carrelli.  He started with a little perspective from his first appearance at the event last year and pointed out that this year:

We will show that it was more than just talk – this year we will show real hardware working with real software

A quick review of the organizational structure was followed by an re-introduction of the project Archimedes use cases.  Project Archimedes was introduced at the analyst and media forum last year and details the goals of integrating the software from the Industry Sector within Siemens to provide a complete flow from virtual to physical.  Dr. Huber then described where Siemens fits in the overall software/hardware ecosystem, placing us in the stack above infrastructure providers, along side business support providers like SAP and under desktop productivity providers like Microsoft in a category called industrial operations.  It’s clear that Siemens is starting to practice what it preaches based on the separation of its commercial transaction platform from it’s technological data platform, which is Teamcenter  This change is expected to help Siemens innovate more quickly and keep its commercial transaction running smoothly.

Tony Affuso was up next and started with a quick historical view of what has changed from this event last year.  Key highlights:

  • No change in executive team
  • Up over 700 employees – “we continue to grow and invest in the business”
  • Up to 51,000 customers (+5,000 new) with over 5.5 Million seats of software deployed

Tony made special mention of the customer presenters we will be hearing from throughout the event.  Some of the worlds best brands are here and will be telling use what they are doing with our tools:

It seems our customers continue to be really happy with us.  As evidence of this, last year we talked about a few supplier awards we won from our customers.  This year we added two more: one from Fiat and another from Visteon.

These awards demonstrate that we are delivering above expectations and that PLM has become the strategic software platform for leading manufacturers.

I would expect these type of awards to increase over the next few years as products that result from Project Archimedes start coming to market.

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