Solid Edge University Sponsors

By MarkBurhop

We are getting close to Solid Edge University and just wrapped up signing up our sponsors.  We got back our sponsors for last year. Every. Single. One.  Then we doubled it!  And then more!

To help you get ready for ST5 University or just to learn more about some of the great technologies that enhance the Solid Edge experience, I’m going to be doing some blog posts on these sponsors. Can any of them help you in your business? What are their plans for world domination?  And do their products use lasers?  Important questions.

We’re really glad to have these companies help us put on this event, provide prizes, support key presentations or generally contribute to the Solid Edge community. If you are too, let them know.  I’d like to get all of them back for next year too! 🙂

Update: As I release each post on our sponsors, I’ll add a link below:

Lasers, World Domination, and Solid Edge Sponsor Inforbix

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