Solid Edge Tips & Tricks: CAM Express Verification

By SusanCinadr

In the third video in our CAM Express series, Jim Wright explains how understanding the differences between, Simulation, Verification and Post processing in CAM to see if a part can be manufactured, avoid breaking cutting tools or wrecking a machine will get the most efficient cutting strategy.

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Solid Edge Tips & Tricks from GTAC

I can’t locate the Text Profile command in ST3 using command finder?

While in a sketch or a profile the Text Profile command is in Tools > Insert.

I can’t find the entry to point to Holes.txt in File Locations. Has it been removed?
No. The entry in File Locations is now called Hole Size File, and is only available in the File Locations while in a part or sheet metal file.

How do you open a Teamcenter managed STEP file in SEEC?
In the Open dialog set the ‘Files of Type’ filter to ‘All documents’. The dataset containing the STEP file is displayed. Select the STEP dataset and open. The translator is launched and the STEP file is automatically converted to a Solid Edge file.

Why are we getting a permission error when attempting to Save Hole Settings?
The permission warning will display when UAC is on or the user does not have permission to write to the Solid Edge ST3 program folder. Make sure UAC is disabled and that the user has permissions to write to the ‘Solid Edge ST3’ program folder.

How can I get the neutral Factor to read out in more than two decimal places in ST3?
Go to the File Properties dialog from Application Button->Properties, go to the Units tab and click on Advanced. Scroll down the list and change the number of decimal places in the Scalar.

Why are mid-surfaces not shaded?
To display mid-surfaces as shaded, turn on the ‘Use Shading on Construction’ option for the part (Solid Edge Options->View->Use Shading on Construction’)

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