Solid Edge Tips & Tricks: CAM Express Connection

In this week’s tip we show connectivity between Solid Edge and CAM Express from the Velocity Series. In this example synchronous technology is used to make rapid changes to model the model after the tool path has been created. Tight connectivity between CAD and CAM ensures no work is lost as the tool path automatically updates.

For more info on CAM Express:

We have a few Tips & Tricks from our GTAC organization that might be helpful. All of these are a result of customers asking questions of our support organization. Thanks Edgers!

Can you turn off the Steering Wheel?

In ST3 Assembly the Steering Wheel is on with both synchronous and ordered workflows. If you click the drop-down menu on the Select Tool you can disable the ‘Enable Component Select and Move’ if you do not want to see it.

Why is Reposition Origin for the Grid disabled?
This command is only available in sketch mode. If you are in Synchronous mode in ST3, you must activate a sketch plane by clicking on the Lock Plane button.

How to print multiple files from draft?
The new command ‘Print Drawings’ will allow you to do that.

On a finished Flange, how do I change its direction 180-degrees, or essentially flip it the opposite direction?
This cannot be done by simply changing the dimension with a Edit Definition on the flange, this type of edit would fail. What you can however do, is under the Modify group of commands in Sheet Metal, select the Bend Angel command, select the bend to be edited, then the plane to remain stationary, key-in the desired angle, Preview, and then Finish.

What versions of Solid Works are supported in ST3?
You can open SolidWorks (.SLDPRT) documents (versions 2000 and newer) and *.SLDASM documents (versions 2004 and newer) in ST3.

I’m translating drafts to .pdf in ST3, but it is only translating the first sheet?
In the PDF Export Options, select the “All Sheets” option.

Solid Edge Tips and Tricks from the Experts can be seen weekly. These short videos illustrate how to better utilize features and functions of the Solid Edge CAD software, ultimately helping you do your job more efficiently.

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